Jurado & Compañía is a company from Tolima, which was born with the purpose of being an excellent alternative for the commercialization of agricultural products produced in our country; promoting the payment of fair prices, generating more and better job opportunities, contributing to the quality of life of all the people who participate in the productive chain and promoting the best cultivation practices in harmony with the environment.

Within the great variety of agricultural products that can be commercialized, we decided to enter the market with coffee, a representative product of our country. Within this commodity we chose to work only in the niche market of specialty coffees, we want to give our clients an exclusive product, with which they feel identified at the moment of consuming our brand; this is how since 2015 we began to walk this path and to give life to our brand that year after year has been evolving to become Café Jurado® in the year 2022.

Our brand Café Jurado® is inspired in the Cacica Pijao Ibanasca, also called Dulima, leader of the Pijaos tribe, faithful defender of her land and her race. In this way we want to show our brand as a representative product of Tolima.

Café Jurado® comes from the beautiful mountains of Colombia where our beans are harvested and prepared with dedication and love, making our coffee an unforgettable experience for our clients due to its aroma, body and flavor.

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